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Financing Available - Buy Today and Pay Over Time!
Financing Available - Buy Today and Pay Over Time!

News announces a record 2010

We are delighted to announce that has had a record breaking 2010. Thank you for your support! Our profits rose by 200%. We continue to support charities hand picked by us. Through God all things are possible! Partners with Faith Logistics -

We are delighted to announce that and Faith Logistics have partnered to help the community. When you make a purchase at, 10% of profits go to Faith Logistics and other charitable organizations that make a difference in the community.

Faith Logistics is dedicated to providing the knowledge and skills necessary for ex-inmates to obtain a commercial drivers license and to assist with job placement as a way to reduce recidivism and the financial burden incarceration has on taxpayers while sharing the love that God has for His people. announces strategic partnership with Majestic International - April 9th 2009 announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Majestic International. Majestic is a global company, with headquarters in Australia and offices in the US and Hong Kong. Majestic is a leading 12 Volt electronics manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. As part of the agreement, we will have exclusive rights to market 12 Volt Televisions, DVD players and accessories through the internet in the US. In return, we will dedicate an undisclosed marketing budget to promote Majestic's products and will work with Majestic to develop future products for the US market. Majestic will continue to sell directly to the RV and boat manufacturers that it does today. However, Majestic's products will not be available for purchase through any other online retailer. Visit Majestic International at - announces record Q1 2009

We are pleased to announce that has had a record breaking quarter - Q1 2009. Revenue exceeded projections and expectations. All praise be to God who watches over His children! During this quarter, the company increased its product offering by forging several strategic supplier partnerships. The Board of Directors will be meeting soon to take important decisions regarding future direction, managing growth and accelerating plans for an IPO. Stay tuned for exciting news from continues to contribute back to the community through the charities it supports. proudly supports our nation, our troops and our leaders. leads 12 Volt electronics retail market

Our analysis and feedback from our suppliers tell us that is now a market leader in online 12 Volt electronics sales. We expect to strengthen our position by staying focussed on delivering value to our customers, continuing to expand our offering and aggressive marketing campaigns. All glory be to God! Through Him all things are possible.