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Financing Available - Buy Today and Pay Over Time!
Financing Available - Buy Today and Pay Over Time!

Coleman Mach1 11K Ducted PowerSaver White Air Conditioner - Roof, Ceiling & Thermostat

by Coleman
SKU 48207C966-8430A635-9430-3372
Coleman Mach1 11K Ducted PowerSaver White Air Conditioner– Roof, Ceiling & Thermostat

48207C966 Coleman Mach 1 Power Saver 11K White RV Air Conditioner with 8430A635 Ducted Ceiling Assembly and 9430-3372 Digital Thermostat

Have you ever tripped a circuit breaker in your RV when you turned on an appliance? Often that's because you've turned on one too many electrical products and exceeded the limit of campground power supplied to your RV. The Mach 1 P.S. helps you avoid that frustration. It’s an air conditioner designed to use less power without sacrificing cooling performance. So you can stay cool and comfortable, using the power that’s left over to enjoy more of the electrical appliances in your RV.

When we designed the Mach 1 P.S., we had a very high standard of performance in mind: the RV world’s most popular air conditioner, our Coleman-Mach 1. We wanted an AC that would produce as much of the cooling performance of the Mach 1 as possible, but one that would use even less electrical power.

To get more cooling with less power, we matched a high-efficiency compressor, a high-efficiency fan motor and oversized coils to maximize cooling and minimize amp draw. So you can squeeze maximum comfort out of your air conditioner, while your other appliances can absorb more of the available power.

Coleman-Mach I Power Saver-White
  • Cap. Optional Electric Heat Strip 5,600
  • Electrical Rating 115v AC 60 Cycles 1 Phase
  • Dimensions HxWxL: 13.5" x 26" x 37"